“Kid Bloom’s set is washed in a projection of swirling images and soapy colors, making shows feel both intimate and distinctly unique…”


“The first of the band’s two newest singles, “Parents House,” is up to almost a million plays on Spotify and for good reason. It’s got irresistible riffs, some real musicianship, and is an ode to hanging and making out when the parents are away.”

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“PRom?” on KROQ

DJ Kat Corbett Debuts “prom?” on locals only.

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“Fuzzed-up but tidy guitar chords propel the song as the keyboard line wakes up from its hangover and saunters in all perky”

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“Full of synths, warbly, but concise lyrics, and rolling bass, “Prom” is a slow-burning emotional roller that echoes familiar sounds from the past, whilst engaging in a genuine new-edge spirit that is hard to ignore”

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“deftly blended psych-rock with funk, power, and disco…”